Agric Consultancy

Our experienced team of professionals provides effective consultancy and comprehensive advisory services for agro-investors and individual farmers. Our fundamental activities include: knowledge and information sharing, networking, agri-consultancy, farm advisory and training courses. These help farmers and new rural entrepreneurs to establish their agri-businesses successfully from the start, to develop it effectively, and to stimulate its growth in future, ensuring economic viability.

Our area of expertise lies in cross-compliance, organic farming and greening, and in particular our comprehensive farm advisory services include:

  • consultancy in the field of agri-household’s basic requirements
  • training of young farmers to begin a successful farming career.
  • assisting in gaining support for farms based in less favored areas
  • supporting sustainable farm succession processes
  • assisting in the preparation of proposals and business plans for support from agro-environmental measures and preparation of farm holding’s impact reports on the environment
Additionally, we develop plans and offer advisory help for farmers to adapt their farms to the minimum standards and requirements of cross-compliance on the farm; provide administrative services for farm businesses, such as record-keeping of the plant protection products used on farm as well as livestock registries; offer farm accountancy services and year-round, comprehensive financial record-keeping required for agri-environmental schemes; provide comprehensive insurance packages in the field of agricultural machinery, farm buildings, crops and livestock insurance.

We strive to provide professional service and expert advice in all the above mentioned fields and guarantee an individual and personalized approach to each client. We commit to our ultimate objective of helping farmers and other potential users to the best of our ability both in the success and sustainability of their businesses.

We can convert your farmable landed properties to farm. This will help you achieve extra income and farm produce for personal consumption.

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